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DentCare Anti-Snoring Device

DentCare Anti-Snoring Device

  • DentCare Anti-Snoring Device

    Do you snore....?

    Why would anybody SNORE anymore?

    For those ashamed of the 'loud sound' that they make when asleep, DentCare offers the perfect solution in Silensor-sl. The device is a success in almost all cases since the noise involved in snoring is caused by constriction of the airways. It has a compact design and does not inhibit breathing through the mouth.

    Snoring is a serious health hazard especially in older people and can even reduce life expectancy. Risk of car accidents and industrial accidents involving employees with monotonous jobs are higher for individuals who are found to be tired due to bad sleep resulting from snoring.

    That's when the Silensor-sl is significant.

    With the Silensor-sl, the lower jaw and the tongue are held in a protrusive (forward) position which opens up the airways stopping the snoring sounds when asleep. This stops the snoring sounds, instead you get a good night's sleep and you wake up raring to go.

    However, in patients with severe corpulence, a good success of treating is doubtful. The effectiveness will be reduced at BMI (body-mass-index) of over 30.


    Snoring as we all know is the sound caused while sleeping and is caused by the obstruction of airflow through the passageway during breathing when asleep. The decreasing muscle tone during the sleep causes a narrowing of the upper respiratory tract, either from poor sleep posture or abnormalities of the soft tissues in your throat. This narrowing accelerates the respiratory airflow, thereby various structures in the area of the upper respiratory tract start to vibrate and cause the snoring noise.

    It can be a major cause for sleep disturbances resulting in stress, lack of energy, poor concentration and mood swings which can even lead to high blood pressure and heart problems in the long run.  

    The apnea, the respiratory arrest during sleep:

    Sleep apnea is, at a certain level of severity, a serious disease that may cause not only sleepiness during the day but also serious systemic diseases.

    The apnea is a total respiratory stop. The obstructive apnea is a complete occlusion of the respiratory tract whereas in case of the central apnea the central respiratory reflex arrests. The hypopnea is a reduction of the respiratory flow by more than 50%.

    An obstructive apnea is characterized by an interruption of the very noisy snoring (rhonchopathy).

    The central apnea, however, has no external signs.

    Intense sweating during the night, frequent nocturnal urination and a dry mouth can be indications for an Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and an Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS).


    The effectiveness of the Silensor-sl:

    The Silensor-sl consists of one splint for the upper jaw and one for the lower jaw. The lower jaw is either held in a predetermined position or advanced by 2 connectors that are fixed laterally to the splint. The Silensor-sl thus counteracts the narrowing of the respiratory tracts. The velocity of the inspired air decreases and so do noise-generating vibrations of soft tissues. With the Silensor-sl jaw movements are possible but no falling back of the lower jaw. With this function the Silensor-sl is a comfortable and at the same time effective snoreguard.

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