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Bio Dentaplast (Bredent, Germany)

Bio Dentaplast (Bredent, Germany)

  • Bio Dentaplast (Bredent, Germany)

    High strength, injection moulded, biocompatible denture material.

    • Ideal for making tooth-colored clasps and attachments
    • Suitable for combination works (with Cast partials)
    • Clasp-free partial dentures
    • Available in five different shades : A1, A2, B1, B2, B3 as per VITA shade guide

  • Indications

    • Replace several tooth in the same quadrant or in both quadrants of the same arch
    • Ideal for patients who are not interested for fixed bridge or dental implants
    • Temporary crowns and bridges (max. 2 years)
    • Tooth-coloured occlusal appliances

  • Terms and Conditions

    Contact Lab for details.

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