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  • Zenostar

    A leader in monolithic restorations, by presenting an overall system which is not only target-oriented and ready for the future, but designed to benefit dental technicians, clinicians and patients alike. This simple system is beautiful and strong, and sets major standards in dental technology. We are proud to say Zenostar is an efficient pointer towards its sustainable future. 

    • Zenostar (PFZ) 
    • Zenostar (FMZ) 

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  • DentCare Zirconia

  • DentCare Luminers

  • DentCare Nova - CAD/CAM DMLS

  • Valplast (USA)

  • Implant C & B

  • DentCare Hybrid Implant Bridge

  • Implant-supported Overdentures

  • Acrylic Denture (Bredent, Germany)

  • IPS e.max CAD

  • Zenostar

  • DentCare Flex

  • Biofunctional Prosthetic System(BPS) Dentures

  • Precision Attachment

  • Hybrid Denture

  • Surgical Drill Guide

  • Precious and Semi-Precious Alloy

  • DentCare Anti-Snoring Device

  • DentCare Mouth-Guard Triple

  • Night Guard

  • Bio Dentaplast (Bredent, Germany)

  • DentCare
  • DentCare
  • DentCare
  • DentCare